SevenGPS and Ashoor Group Announce Strategic Partnership

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SevenGPS is pleased to announce a new global strategic partnership with Ashoor Group, a Turkish company specialized in the manufacture of industrial equipment.

This partnership will allow Cameroonian and international companies to benefit from proven expertise in water technology and industrial equipment manufacturing.

The SevenGPS-Ashoor partnership is a powerful combination. With over 30 years of experience in water technologies and industrial equipment manufacturing combined with our specialized sourcing and procurement expertise, our stakeholders can only expect European standards…

says Eric Serge Meillon, CEO, SevenGPS.

As we look forward to building a first-rate procurement center for Central Africa by 2025, this partnership is a huge step in the right direction confirming that ambition. In a few months, we will inaugurate a showroom in which it will be possible to discover all the products sold by SevenGPS and by our partners such as Ashoor Group.

Added Eric Serge Meillon.

We found in SevenGPS the opportunity to set up a sustainable partnership that will allow us to reach the African market. We are very optimistic and eager to offer our products and services to countries where demand is growing exponentially. I am confident that this partnership will be profitable for all stakeholders…

says Ayad Hafizoglu, Managing Director of Ashoor Group.

The benefits of this new partnership for our stakeholders include among others a wide range of products:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Production lines and industrial equipment
  • Electric chain hoists
  • Lifting & warehousing equipment
  • Crane accessories.

About SevenGPS: We are a first-rate Procurement Center (Centrale d’Achats) based in Cameroon -providing businesses end-to-end procurement and supply chain management services. 

About Ashoor Group: Ashoor Group is a Turkish company specialized in industrial equipment manufacturing. With Recognition from the Water Directorate of Turkey, Ashoor Group has also delivered successful projects in Iraq like the 500 M/H water plant in Shatt Al-Arab.

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