Who We Are

At SevenGPS, we are solving the biggest challenges faced by decision makers and their purchasing departments: uncontrolled spending, supply and compliance risks.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set-up a First-rate Procurement Center (Centrale d’achats) in CEMAC to support businesses in Information Technology, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Forestry, Infrastructure, Retail, Agriculture, and FMCG.

We shall achieve our vision by nurturing and harnessing sustainable and ethical relationships with suppliers and service providers at home and abroad in a collaborative manner and in full compliance of applicable laws.


This would enable us to procure cost competitive, quality materials and services in a timely manner through usage of best practices for implementing the required processes and technology which brings better supply chain visibility for our customers.



Our Values




Our Process


We research to understand usage & requirements.


We formulate sourcing strategies.


We create competition & select the best.


We procure the best option on your behalf.


We manage contracts, suppliers & performance.

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Seven Global Procurement & Sourcing (SevenGPS) provides businesses end-to-end procurement and supply chain management services.

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