Digital transformation in Africa: what is hidden from you.

Anand Easwaran, Corporate vice president, Worldwide services and digital Microsoft says that 

leaders need to bring in tech and cultural changes that empower their employees, engage customers in new ways, optimize operations, and transform products. Rebuilding an organization around these areas creates a fully digital company that can change ahead of its customers and competition. 

Mr. Anand is referring here to digital transformation which has become an unavoidable phenomenon. 

From the look of things, it is either you are digital or you surrender in the near future the statement risks sounding like “it is either you are digital or you die”. Maybe this will sound clearer to ears of the “Thomases”.

According to Harvard Business review analytics service report 2016, Companies that form their strategies now, shift resources to new digital initiatives and redesign their organization and culture will have a distinct advantage. 

Digital transformation is real and widespread, and while not all organizations are ready for it, the wave is threatening, surprisingly most business leaders see this as an opportunity rather than a threat.

What exactly is digital transformation?

According to IDC, Digital Transformation (DX) is the act that allows organizations to support innovation and digital disruption by applying new technologies to radically change processes, customer experience, and value. 

The components of digital transformation

Digital transformation has four core pillars; which include; 

  • Cloud 
  • Big data/analytics  
  • Social media, and 
  • Mobility

These four pillars allow enterprises to digitally transform in various areas such as new customer contact channels, product innovation, market segmentation among other areas.

So what does digital transformation mean for your company?

This is a very interesting question corporate executives battle with every day. Knowing exactly the immediate value digital transformation can bring to your organization will help you prioritize and allocate resources to this process.  

The question of determining the value of the digital transformation is very complicated nowadays because those with hands-on experience in the implementation of successful digital transformation strategies are very scarce not to talk of in Cameroon or Africa in general. 

The complexity of this phenomenon in Africa has caused seasoned tech entrepreneurs who have worked over the years in advanced economies of digital transformation to come back and open up IT companies. This is to help local industries transform successfully mitigating every risk of technological transition. 

One of such companies in Africa in Seven Global Procurement and sourcing – Seven GPS.

Our expert touch

digital marketer in cameroon
Seven GPS common factor lab

If your digital transformation strategy doesn’t seem to work, or you don’t really know how start going digital, then worry no more, contact us because we master what digital transformation means and how to get into it. Many come to us because we have and trust our transformation framework. 

Our framework is completely data-driven and starts with a diagnosis of our client’s request, their uniqueness, problems, strengths, and needs. We diagnose and understand what their customers want, their consumption habits, the general market trend. We diagnose and discover who their competitors are and what they propose. 

Then based on our expert gathering, we propose business strategies that will change the company culture of our client and enable employees to think digital and go innovative.

With the right digital business strategy, we take tough agile innovative actions to enable you win a competitive advantage and customer engagement.

Why they say we are completely unique

Seven GPS

Seven GPS is part of Seven Group that offers global IT solutions in a consistent and competent flow. We are made of experienced IT engineers working in Silicon Valley and the best-trained software engineers based in Cameroon. Seven Group has the lone world-class professional IT training institute in Central Africa Sub-region known as Seven Advanced Academy. Check it out here

Seven GPS, therefore, benefits from an unlimited inflow of tech talents from the Academy every year which has been the biggest guarantee to most companies who trust us with their projects and digital transformation implementation processes. 

Africa is the next billion market

According to tech giants in the Silicon Valley, Africa is the next billion destination.  Statistics have stayed true to this hypothesis. By 2018, records showed over 51% of the global population had internet access. The strongest growth was reported in Africa, where the percentage using the internet increased from 2.1% in 2005 to 24.4% in 2018. 

Africa has the world’s fastest-growing mobile market globally. In addition, the region has the fastest-growing tech start-up ecosystem, which plays an increasingly important role in the development of digital content and services. 

So, what are you waiting for? This is the right day to take that tough decision and go digital. Seven GPS is here to assist you with affordable industry knowledge and strategies. 

How can you invest in digital transformation?

As a founder, CEO, Director, Manager, or simply corporate executive, how can you start investing in digital transformation? 

digital transformation in Cameroon
Seven GPS

This is crucial but very simple and will depend on a company’s size and objectives. Going digital you will need to note the following:

  • Social media: Social media is the new customer hideout. Facebook for example now has over 1.65 billion monthly active users. This is a huge opportunity for companies to exploit by going digital to look for these customers. Investing in social media presence is one of the major digital transformation strategies to consider for businesses such as Fashion, entertainment, fine arts, hospitality, finance, real estate, etc. 
  • Buying/building software: This is another crucial executive decision to take for a successful digital transformation implementation. Having a custom software for your business can automate a lot of manual processes like accounting, sales, and payment, customer relationship management, human resource management, outsourcing relationship management, etc. this most likely for businesses in Manufacturing, banking, Fintech, travel, government agencies, eCommerce, distribution, etc. 

Hiring a bunch of engineers: Going digital means having the right heads around. Those who can create, manage, and innovate the digital transformation strategy. This includes especially IT engineers.

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