Desktop Application vs. Web Application: Which is Better?

The use of software to improve services, manage tasks, processes, and data is not something new for many companies in Cameroon.

The question for most companies boils down to – do I need a desktop application or web application?

A desktop application is any software that can be installed on a computer (laptop or desktop) and used to perform specific tasks. Examples include media players and word processing applications.

On the other hand, a web application is an application that uses web technologies and is accessed through a browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Examples of web and desktop applications

Desktop ApplicationsFile Explorer
Web browsers ( Chrome, Firefox)
Adobe Photoshop
Multimedia players
Web ApplicationsGoogle search
Google drive
Instant messaging applications (WhatsApp Messenger etc…)
Facebook etc…

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Desktop vs web application

Desktop applications run on well-defined computer operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, Ubuntu and Linux. It does not require a browser to run and has a graphical user interface. This type of application appeared in the 1970s with the first desktop environments.

Web applications are applications stored on remote servers and permanently require a web browser and an internet connection to be executed and to transfer data. Web applications, which appeared thanks to the advent of the internet, have undergone rapid development to the point where desktop applications are considered by many to be out of date.

Let’s look at the different reasons why you may prefer one over another.

1. Maintenance

One advantage of web applications is that they are installed only once. And, updates are less cumbersome.

Unlike web applications, desktop applications must be installed separately on different computers. Updating these applications is relatively cumbersome and therefore takes more time. This is due to the fact that it has to be done on each computer.

2. Usability

Desktop applications have a usage constraint. This is due to the fact that they need to be installed on every computer to be accessible. The fact that desktop applications are confined to a single location can restrict your ability to move around and thus affect your performance. 

In addition, desktop applications face compatibility issues with the various operating systems that exist.

On the other hand, web applications allow you to access the application from anywhere via different devices so long as these devices are connected to the internet.  

3. Speed and performance

One of the advantages of desktop applications is that they are self-contained and do not need any other resources to function optimally. Therefore, they do not encounter obstacles resulting from internet connectivity.

Web applications on the other hand are almost totally dependent on the quality and speed of the internet. In other words, poor or no internet connectivity affects the performance of web applications.

4. Cost of bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred from one point to another in a network in a defined time. For desktop applications, the cost of this bandwidth is much lower than for web applications.

The cost of bandwidth for web applications is high because of their high dependency on the Internet.

5. Desktop and web application security

The advancement of technology now rhymes with the growth of cyber threats. Web applications are therefore exposed to more risk given their dependence on the internet.

On the other hand, you can have full control over desktop applications and protect them from various vulnerabilities.

Get a custom application that solves all these problems

With the advance of technology in Africa and Cameroon in particular, the need to acquire an application for the development of your business is no longer a debate. But can you get a custom software that meets the needs of a modern enterprise? The answer is “YES.”

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