Cameroon finally gets its most simplified cross payment aggregator for online merchants.

online payment apps in Cameroon

A group of senior IT engineers and developers from Cameroon have developed the most awaited cross-payment aggregator to ease online payment procedures.  Payunit is the name of the payment software that is meant to seamlessly manage and process online payments for applications and websites.

Payunit is coming at a time when online merchants including software developers, website owners, entrepreneurs, and enterprises have been clamoring for a trustworthy and technically seamless cross payment aggregator in Cameroon as is obtained in other countries in Africa.  

Payunit has come therefore to solve three main problems: 

  • Developers in Cameroon have been facing difficulties integrating payment options on their apps.  Getting payment APIs from telecom giants and financial institutions is administratively daunting and time-consuming. 
  • The few existing payment aggregators in Cameroon are not well documented. This gives much work to the developers as they have to do a level of background work before integrating and running payment on their applications. 
  • The few payment aggregators are technically limited in the scope of implantation. Meaning that they do not take into consideration developers’ programming language preferences in the integration process.

Considering these existing problems in the fintech industry in Cameroon Payunit has come with the following operational solutions:

  1. Ease of integration: Payunit has been built to utmost simplicity. With just 3 lines of code and few clicks, a developer is done integrating the payment aggregator to his/her app or website. 
  2. More documentation: Payunit has been well documented to enable the ease to use for all online merchants. After spending more than a year to get APIs from telecom giants and financial institutions, Payunit has made available major APIs such as MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, YUP, Express Union, Express Exchange, UBA under one platform.
  3. More specifications: Payunit provides extensive and comprehensive documentation using varied programming languages. The software has made sure that SDKs are available for most popular programming languages like PHP, Javascript, Python, and Flutter. This gives flexibility in integration based on developers’ preferences. 
  4. Ease to use: Payunit has been built in a way that once integrated into any website or online application, the user experience for the end-user whether tech-savvy or not is hassle-free involving few clicks.

Knowing the problems that come with reliability and continuity as far as tech products are concerned in Cameroon, the good news is the Payunit team is working tirelessly to enhance and make the solution more sophisticated while keeping simplicity at the center of its design 

This means that the product is available in beta for the first phase of its release. Early access is available to all wishing to integrate seamless payments into their apps.

For more enquiries write to:

Payunit team: [email protected] 

whatsApp: +237 6 78 65 60 32

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