5 Questions Customers Are Asking Our Cameroon Software Development Team

Custom software developers at Seven GPS in Douala answer questions about bespoke software development in Cameroon

What are you going to do about your off-the-shelf software solution?

Initially, the price of this current software was a factor. But now you’re seeing the need to purchase upgrades or even possibly buy a completely new software. And you know it is because your needs have changed over time.

Fortunately, you’re not the only one in this dilemma. In this post, see what other executives are asking from our software development team here in Douala.

5 Answers From Our Software Development Team in Douala

Q1. Will custom software help us scale?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Think about your operations. Is it dominated with manual steps?

No doubt. Developing custom business software can really speed things up. The real question to ask is: Is it worth the investment to speed up a commodity need, like bookkeeping?

That’s why we advise you to invest in custom software development services where there’s an opportunity to create sustained competitive advantage. But how do you evaluate this?

We can help you assess a “build” or “buy and improve” model for your specific growth goals.

Q.2 Can digital innovation fuel our startup?

Yes. Digital innovation can help you out-compete industry incumbents. But as you already know, disrupting is for the smart.

The key is to solve the right problem and build competitive momentum. You’re ready to invest in custom software development services if your vision will enable your business to: attract and win new customers; better serve existing customers; boost revenue and/or increase profits. 

Here at Seven GPS,  we’re built to help you innovate and optimize success, iteration by iteration. We know how to help startups prioritize opportunities, gain traction with real users, and win the funding it takes to succeed.

Q.3 Can you help us turbo-charge our sales team? 

This is why we are here.

Service-based businesses with demanding sales processes and distributed teams like insurance and real estate can exploit bespoke software to realize big wins.

Imagine automated proposal creation, just-in-time knowledge sharing, and easy-to-use experiences that uphold brand excellence.

In a nutshell, the easier it is for agents to please customers, the more they will love selling for you in this competitive market.

Q4. Can we empower our customers to self-serve online?

Yes you can. You don’t need to replace your call center with a portal all at once.

We’ll help you plan an iterative path that serves people better over time. You’ll reduce demand on your support team, and offer quicker issue resolution to make customers happy.

A 2016 study by Design Management Institute found that companies that met its Design Value Index achieved “a 211% return over the [American stock market index] S&P 500.”

Upgrade now, or this tech-savvy market will prefer your competitors who offer intuitive self-service websites and apps.

Q5. Can we incubate a new, tech-enabled line of business?

The short answer is yes.

For established service-based businesses, custom software can be the key to scale, and to staying ahead of disruptive startups.

The service you provide your top customers can remain high-touch, while we help you capture, communicate, and deliver a subset of those services to a new audience — one that needs less service yet generates substantial revenue.

Let us help you examine your business end-to-end, roadmap opportunities, and expand your reach with strategic digital tools.

Are we the right software development company in Cameroon to handle your project?

Our strength is creating effortless user experiences that connect with critical back-end systems. 

If you need a static site, back-end only app, we’re not the right partner. But if you want elegant, custom software that can manage complex business rules, we can help you win.

Besides, our academy provides an unlimited pool of talents.

We train our engineers to become experts in various technologies according to the demand in the market.

Student software developers in Cameroon at Seven Academy
Seven Academy students with CEO Mme Estelle Yomba and Dr. Philippe Gervais from Google.

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