Web Developer in Cameroon? Star These 9 GitHub Repos.

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Whether you are a beginner or veteran web developer in Cameroon, save these 9 GitHub repositories. You can thank me later 🙂

1. RitikPatni’s Front end web development resources.

He’s got 249 commits, 4 branches, 43 contributors. Learn just about anything. 

A list of useful resources for front-end developer in Cameroon
This repository contains content which will be helpful in your journey as a front-end Web Developer

2. Denysdovhan’s wtfjs

We all know that JavaScript is quite a funny language with tricky parts. Some of them can quickly turn our everyday job into hell, and some of them can make us laugh out loud.

There, you’ll find enough WTF Javascript examples every web developer in Cameroon should know.

He’s got 280 commits, 5 branches, 42 contributors.

A list of funny and tricky Javascript examples for developer in Cameroon
A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples

3. Sindresorhus’s awesome

Awesome is, without a doubt, the most popular repo that curates all topics from software development to hardware to business.

Awesome has more than 123,000+ stars on GitHub at this moment, and one could spend days (nights) browsing it. According to Simon Holdorf, it is a one-stop destination to learn new things and trends.

All kinds of interesting lists for developer in Cameroon
 Awesome lists about all kinds of interesting topics

4. Lydiahallie’s javascript-questions

With 657 commits and 67 contributors, this repo will definitely help you prepare for your technical JS interview. Moreover, this repo supports 16 languages. 

Javascript interview questions for web developer in Cameroon

5. Trekhleb’s javascript-algorithms

This repo contains algorithms and data structures implemented in JavaScript with explanations and links to further readings.

The best part. Every algorithm is written in JavaScript and has been tested.

Javascript Algorithms

6. Ryanmcdermott’s clean-code-javascript 

If you can’t afford to read Uncle Bob, try this repo. You will understand what is bad code. So you can be able to write good code. 

how to differentiate bad code from good code repository for developer in Cameroon

7. Ripienaar’s free-for-dev also available on https://free-for.dev/#/

With more than 2392 commits with 660 contributors, this repo has been able to list software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) and other offerings that have free tiers for developers.

However, this list is only for as-a-Service offerings, not for self-hosted software. For a service to be eligible it has to offer a Free Tier and not just a free trial. If the Free Tier is time bucketed it has to be at least a year. Enjoy!

free open source library repo

8. EbookFoundations’ free-programming-books also available at https://ebookfoundation.github.io/free-programming-books/ 

5205 commits. 12 branches. 1099 contributors. Different languages. 135000 stars. I’ll be surprised if you’ve not been here.

list of free resources repo for developer in Cameroon

9. MunGell’s awesome-for-beginners

If you’ve never contributed to open-source projects before, start here.

This repository lists open-source projects that are known for or currently have beginner-friendly issues that you can tackle.

newbie repo for developer in Cameroon

Hope as a developer in Cameroon, you’ll find these repositories helpful.

Which repository do you use that is not mentioned here? Add in the comments section. Also, take the 2020 Cameroon developers survey.

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